POWER TO MAKE WEALTH: Confirming the Covenant
If nothing else has worked for you thus far, why not succeed God's way?
Power to make wealth...

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WE ARE OFFERING YOU A PROVEN METHOD TO MAKE WEALTH GOD'S WAY. God has absolutely nothing against people becoming better off financially, or even downright wealthy...but He does want us to remember Him both in and after the process. When God provides us with assistance, He wants us to give Him the credit for helping. Not really much to ask, is it?

The Bible shows God helping people over and over again. The references we could cite are almost endless, and we will gladly provide them to you if you so request. But also almost endless are the blessings for obeying God and achieving wealth His way. When you become wealthy with this program, please do not fail to remember God and thank Him for His help. One particular way you should do that is to give a small part of your new wealth to a cause which honors God. Find a church or ministry which is truly God-honoring, and send a support donation. (We will gladly help you with this also, if you so request.)

POWER TO MAKE WEALTH can easily generate millions of dollars for you. The mail order industry in the US alone does well over 120 billion dollars annually. (Billion, with a B.) This opportunity is real and you may even need a couple of months to count all the wealth you'll be generating.

Go BIG with Power To Make Wealth  

Because of the ongoing recessionary economy and the simplicity of this program, the response rate to POWER TO MAKE WEALTH can be in the 40 - 50% range or even higher.*  That's not only awesome, but unheard of in direct mail. People are frantically looking for a proven way to make extra money, and this will prove to be the best way you can possibly show them.

Here's why:          - There are millions of people looking for ways to make money; all you need to do is reach some of them.

                              -  Lists are available of these types of people, lists from reputable and dependable sources.

                              -  You will be reaching people who have experience in using direct mail and working from home.

                              -  Millions of people are still out of work, and millions more dislike their jobs.

                              -  Working with God and giving into His Kingdom is the best way to guarantee your success.

YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to put POWER TO MAKE WEALTH to work now, immediately, without delay!  With the rate of response to the POWER TO MAKE WEALTH program as high as it is, let's take a look at what that means in practical terms.

HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU MAKE? Here are the figures: Let's suppose you start out small and decide to send out 100 copies of the PTMW invitation letter. Let's also suppose that all those who respond to your invitation will do only this much. Let's also be conserva- tive and use a mailing response rate of 25%, which we have achieved routinely. The result?

                     1st Level:  100 copies X 25% = 25 participants

                                                   2nd Level:  25 participants X 100 copies X 25% = 625 participants

                                                                                   3rd Level:  625 participants X 100 copies X 25% = 15,625 participants

                      FINAL RESULT:  15,625 participants X $20 = $312,500 in cash sent directly to YOU!

                      Your investment:  $20 for one gift, $49 for stamps, $25 for printing and envelopes, and $25 for initial mailing list.

                                           (But we will send you an initial mailing list FREE when you use the small form on page 2 of the

                                            invitation letter below. Click below to open and print the three pages of the invitation letter.)

Making wealth, and making the right choice... 

To learn more about POWER TO MAKE WEALTH™ print the three-page invitation letter by

clicking on the banner image below (single PDF, new tab). If you have any unanswered

questions, email (usa1info@gmail.com) or call us (1.800.800.0171).

 Power To Make Wealth banner  

                    * We achieved this response rate in test mailings by using our chosen mailing list supplier and our specially-designed custom
                                  envelope "teaser" labels, which will come to you as part of your PTMW Welcome and General Information Package.
                                                   Whatever your response rate is, you will generate more income than with any other program.




     If you're joining POWER TO MAKE WEALTH you should also join FREE STAMP FREEDOM

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